Web Development Guidelines
Our starting point is based on whether you need a new website or if your existing one needs improvement. For us to begin developing your site, we need some basic materials; for example: images and text.

If you need assistance, our service department can do this for $175 per page as it will require us to identify and read several websites related to your industry. We will then use them as guidelines to create a unique site for you.

Important facts you should have on your website:

  1. Your company directory
  2. What your company sells or service it offers
  3. Location of your company
  4. Why should clients buy from your company
  5. Methods of payments offered
  6. Your phone number and/or e-mail adress

These are the basic elements your website should have. For more help, you can see our Links for Ideas or Request More Info, so we know how to help you SUCCEED!
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By Salvador Soto

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