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In addition , to selling low cost domains, Shoreline Web Developers also provides fast, personal service to all its customers. We figure that if you buy domains from us, and we demonstrate our superior tech service, you will later decide to use our hosting, design, and/or other services.

We offer domain management services on the following networks: .com /.net /.org / .us /.biz /.info - $19.95/year, plus competive prices on: .tv .ws /.cc /.nu/ .sr & .bz. You can also registar a domain for only $18 a year (for two years), $16.25 a year (for five years) or $14.95 a year (for ten years)
So you buy cheap domains, and later you need some assistance. Good luck! Those big Registrars with millions of customers may not have time to help you out. We guarantee that Shoreline Web Developers customers will get first class service - always!

Also, if you see cheap domains sold individually for less than $10 - $12 - watch out! Some companies make their profit by selling your name to spammers! Unlike others - we will never sell your e-mail address to spammers, or anyone - period!

You may find cheap domains elsewhere for even less, but when you need tech services, you'll find none better than at Shoreline Web Developers' Domain Department!

By Salvador Soto

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